Marketing in the Age of AI: Exploring the Pros and Cons

AI. The two letters on everyone’s lips at the moment. It certainly feels that almost all of the digital platforms we use on a daily basis are constantly integrating new AI tools and features. Even in just writing this intro, Google Docs used smart predictions to finish my sentence!

Alongside well-known tools like ChatGPT, platforms including Google Search and Ads, Adobe Creative Cloud, Buffer and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) are bringing out their own AI-powered features such as AI-generated written content, graphics and even stock photos.

So what does this all mean for you as a business owner, especially when it comes to marketing?

There are plenty of pros and cons to using AI in marketing, let’s explore a few.

Pros of AI in marketing

It saves time

AI tools can absolutely save you time and enable you to work more efficiently.

Infinite idea generation

Stuck on a new idea? With some simple prompting, AI can generate 100s of ideas in seconds, or even flesh out an idea you already have. Full transparency, I used ChatGPT to generate title suggestions for this article after drafting it.

Access to different skill sets

The power of AI gives you access to skills you might not have in your team; whether it’s design, copywriting or social media planning.

Cons of AI in marketing

It can’t replace creativity

As advanced as the technology is getting, it’s still not at a level of replicating human creativity and collaboration. A critical eye is required to edit and adapt AI-generated content to best fit your brand.

The risk of sameness

It’s hard to stand out in the marketplace if your content looks the same as your competitors. If you’re using AI tools, your competitors probably are too! Using AI-generated content puts you at risk of looking and sounding the same as your competitors.

Accuracy of information

AI tools will not always provide you with the most accurate or up-to-date information. ChatGPT 3.5 (the version you are most likely using, unless you have a paid subscription) only has knowledge up to 2022, and can’t tell you who won the Rugby World Cup in 2023.

While AI tools can be a great way to get you thinking and ultimately reduce some of the time-consuming elements of your work, they often can’t produce a polished result and lack the nuance required to represent your brand to your ideal audience.

If you’re looking to utilise AI tools in your business, get in touch with our team for tips about how best to prompt AI to produce the most on-brand and effective solutions for you.

The Importance of a Launch Campaign

So you’ve spent time investing in your brand, perhaps a total rebrand, a brand refresh or a new website…now what? A launch campaign is crucial to the success of your new brand and website, now is the time to get a great return on your investment.

Here are three key reasons you should launch your new brand with a comprehensive campaign.

Take your existing clients on the journey

When you’re launching your new brand or website, it’s essential to bring your existing clients on the journey. Let them know what you’re doing and why. You may even want to give them a sneak peek, acknowledge their loyalty and make them the first to know what’s new and exciting.

A launch campaign can highlight how your new brand will deliver the same excellent products and services to them, with a new, fresh look. If the way your clients interact with your business is changing, make sure they understand what is changing and how it will make life easier for them. Ensure your clients understand why the business is changing and how it benefits them.

Tell the story of your new brand through channels including organic social media and email marketing, where you know you’re reaching existing clients.

Keep it consistent

By launching your new brand, you’re helping to ensure consistent use of the new brand. If a mix of old and new branding exists in the market, this can cause confusion for existing and potential clients. Better clarity helps build a strong brand.

Whether your launch is staggered, or all happening at once, a launch campaign helps draw the line between old and new. Make sure your launch campaign includes updating your brand across all channels and platforms, from web to print, social media profiles to invoices and more.

If your partners display brand assets (such as your logo) on their website, ensure they are provided with the new brand assets and guidelines of how to use them. Keep it consistent everywhere your brand is visible.

Reach new audiences

Launching your new brand will likely result in catching the eyes of new prospects who may have overlooked your business in the past. A launch campaign is the perfect time to capitalise on potential customers who are taking notice of your brand for the first time.

Targeting new audiences will require different messaging and platforms to what you use to get in front of existing clients. Optimising your website for search engines, along with paid digital and social advertising will help build brand awareness with new audiences.

It’s easy to get excited about getting your new brand out into the market as soon as possible, but it’s important to think of the bigger picture. A strategically planned and well-executed launch campaign will not only help engage your existing clients, build a strong brand and reach new audiences, it will allow you to get the most out of your brand investment.

For support with your brand launch campaign, don’t hesitate to get in touch via [email protected]